Today’s episode is inspired by my recent trip to Palm Springs, Ca to attend Alt Summit. For those of you that have never heard of Alt Summit, it is a creative conference for women in the digital space.

This was my 6th time attending and I walked away with some pretty powerful epiphanies about how to show up for yourself when you are in a room full of awesome people.

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Here’s the thing about Alt, you’re surrounded by literally hundreds of beautiful, talented and hungry creative women. Some of them have massive followings and have landed major book deals. Many of them have thriving businesses. This is a conference full of bad asses and it shows.

It’s really easy to let comparison creep in. It’s also ridiculously simple to shrink yourself or try not seem like you’re ‘too much’. Trust me I’ve been there.

My greatest take away from the entire conference experience was the importance of showing up for myself. This actually started weeks before the actual conference.

Here are the 5 ways that I showed up for myself while attending a conference full of awesome people and you can do the same:

  1. I set my intentions. Before the conference, I got clear about what I wanted out of the conferences and the types of people that I wanted to meet.
  2. I made a commitment to dress like the boss I know that I am.
  3. I was fully engaged and present. I tried not to use my phone as a social crutch. I ate meals with women I didn’t know and tried to maximize all of my time at the conference.
  4. I bragged on myself when it was appropriate. This took a little help from my roommate Liv.
  5. I stopped worrying about trying to make people who were uncomfortable with me comfortable. I made peace with the fact that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m okay with that.
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