An on demand workshop

How To Create Your First Small

Digital Product In 5-Steps

What you’ll learn on this webinar:

  • 3 mistakes that creatives make when thinking about creating digital products. You've probably made these mistakes too! I'll show you simple ways to overcome these mistakes.
  • The 5-Step framework to create your first digital product. I'm breaking down my complete Perfect Product Framework for creating digital products. Find out how you can go from idea to product in just 5 steps.
  • How to implement these steps with far greater ease. You'll have the opportunity to take advantage of a special workshop attendee only offer.

About Monique Malcolm

Monique Malcolm is the host of the Pimp Your brilliance Podcast and founder of the e-commerce brand Keep Chasing the Stars. After spending nearly a decade creating and launching products, Monique knows what truly helps creatives go from idea to income.

Monique's work has been featured in places like In The Moment Magazine, Essence, and The Kathlyn Hart Show.

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