a productivity and systems master class for creatives 

The Easy Way To Prioritize and Become More Productive in Your Business

Deciding which tasks you should focus on can be difficult during your first few years in business, especially when you are a side hustler. You are trying to master your hustle and find your flow. If you want to grow your business, now is the time to identify systems to run your businesses more efficiently– before your frustration causes you to give up.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re not great at balancing the demands of your day job with your side hustle’s growing to-do list.
  • You're uncertain about which tasks are going to move your business forward.
  • You’re frustrated, because it feels like you're going in circles.

The truth is: you aren’t executing the right things and as a result you’re not profitable.

Most days you feel like giving up.

I know how you feel. I used to be you: hopping from idea to idea without actually completing anything. You're watching your peers excel while you remain stuck, and you're a tad bit salty about it. Let's not even talk about all the sleep you're missing out on trying to get it all done and figure out what to do.

If you’re ready to stop being unproductive and start making significant progress in your daily work, this class is for you.


The productivity and systems masterclass for creatives that are overwhelmed and want to create a profitable side hustle, fast.

You deserve to:

  • Have a business that runs efficiently, instead of feeling like it’s running your life.
  • Be relaxed and confident knowing your business while still run if you're not touching it.
  • Get hours of sleep and feel rejuvenated every morning – not pulling all-nighters.

Let’s get your side hustle into the flow.

Below is an overview of what's included in the masterclass bundle.

6 Self-Paced Video Modules


There’s no such thing as free time. We're going to get clear on how much time you actually have to dedicate to your side hustle. Learn how to create a weekly schedule that doesn't leave you feeling drained.


Avoid shiny object syndrome by having a plan that focuses on the high-value tasks that you need to complete to move your business forward. We're going to outline a workable plan for you to execute over 90-days.


The secret sauce to a streamlined business is having your processes and procedures clearly documented. Get a peek at my brand playbook plus templates for creating your own quickly.


There are smarter ways to work. Learn the best hacks and strategies for increasing your productive output.


Systems are going to be your new besties once you learn how to use them properly. Learn the best systems for automating tasks in your business.


Once you’ve gotten comfortable with your business’ flow it’s time to hand off the busy work to someone else. Get a behind the scenes look at how I work with my virtual assistant.

Also included

- Resource worksheets to help you immediately apply the content to your own business

- Behind the scene look at how I manage my business and the systems I use

The investment for the Side Hustle & Flow Master Class is $97.

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Why Monique?

I'm a coach and planning strategist who helps creativepreneurs streamline their plans so that they quickly get from idea to done. After 8+ years of running various online businesses, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting your business into a flow that promotes ease and eliminates overwhelm. 

I believe every side hustler should have a business that works for them NOT the other way around. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to grow and scale to the next level. In this master class, I’ll show you how to get clear on your high-value tasks, document your processes and streamline your systems for maximum impact.

Don’t miss this opportunity to change the trajectory of your business.

Side Hustle & Flow Master Class is for you if:

- Your business is growing and you want to automate as much as you can.

- You’re ready to invest in your business and proper systems.

- You don't have processes and procedures in place but you know you should.

- You're a creativepreneur, solopreneur or side hustler with less than 3 years in business.

- You're feeling overwhelmed by all of the "shoulds" and "must-dos" and  just need a plan.

This masterclass is NOT for you if:

- You don’t have an established business that you are interested in growing.

- You aren’t willing to invest a few dollars a month for systems to automate your business.

- You're not willing to set aside the necessary time and effort to implement all of the strategies and advice.

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