Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Start Producing

Join my 5-day productivity challenge to learn how to implement a system that helps you track, manage, and complete your business's essential tasks. No more sitting down to work and wondering what to work on. Break up with busy and get to your business into the flow!

The challenge kicks off on January 20, 2020! Enter your details below.

Here's the thing...

Productive creative entrepreneurs understand the importance of using a system to keep track of their work and outstanding projects. In fact, some of them spend thousands of dollars hiring operations and project managers to help them set up their systems.

But guess what?! 

You don't have to wait until you have thousands of dollars or a team to benefit from using a project management system. You can get started now and I'm going to show you how to set one up for FREE.

When you join my Pimp Your Productivity challenge, you'll unlock 5 days worth of killer content including videos and other resources.

In this 5-day challenge you will:

  • Learn which tasks fuel your business
  • Discover what tasks you should be focused on daily
  • Nail down your processes
  • Get your system up and running

This challenge was designed to be beginner and solopreneur friendly to help you take the overwhelm out of putting a system in place. After you've completed the challenge your business will be organized and you can finally feel productive.

Who's hosting this challenge?

Hey, I'm Monique! I'm a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, online educator and the creator of the Visionary Journal. I'm going to help you streamline your business by using systems.

Don't Hesitate. Join The productivity Challenge Today!

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