What is your dream? And yes this is me assuming you have one. So… what is it? Is it to launch a business? Run a marathon? Maybe you’d like to write a book.

Whatever your dream is it isn’t enough to just dream it. You have to take action. You have to give your dream a pair of wings and let it take flight. I bet you’re wondering “How can I do this?”. Let me share a quick story with you about how I gave my dream of being a speaker a pair of shiny wings.

A few weeks ago I attended Alt Summit (a blog and design conference) as a speaker. Pretty awesome, right? Landing that speaking gig wasn’t accidental, and it didn’t result from them seeking me out. I decided last year that I wanted to add speaker to my resume. So I got intentional about my goal. I started attending conferences (the ones I want to speak at). I signed up for their mailing lists, and when they sent out a call for speakers, I responded with my pitch.

My first pitch to Alt Summit failed. I was politely turned down. When speaker submissions opened up again for their Summer Conference, I sent a new pitch. I learned after my previous pitch that my topic needed to be more focused and better tuned to their specific audience (information I gathered after attending). I put myself out there not once but twice, and I used failure to improve. The second time’s the charm because that pitch was a success!

The most exciting part was that I got to attend a very cool and highly sought after the conference while checking a goal off of my list. This is just the beginning of my speaking career. This brings me to an important point.

Your dreams without action are just wishes. Wishes belong in fairy tales.

Your dreams without action are just wishes. Wishes belong in fairy tales.Click to Tweet

Standing by wishing your dreams into existence isn’t going to put you any closer to your end goal. If you want to achieve the things you are dreaming about you have to set a goal, come up with a plan for achieving it, and stick with it. In simpler terms: Dream, Believe, Do, and Repeat. We live in a time where resources and information are right at our fingertips. Your dreams are not impossible. You just need to stop holding them so closely and let them fly.

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