Solo Shows

  • Finding Success By Your Own Definition

    In this week’s minisode, I’m answering a listener question. Taryn asks, “At what point in your business journey did you start to truly feel successful, by your own definition?” This is a juicy one! I share a bit of a personal story about how and when I realized I was successful. IN THIS EPISODE I […]


  • How To Overcome Idea Overwhelm

    When you have so many creative ideas, how do you decide on which one to lead with? In this episode, I share my 5 point criteria for evaluating new ideas.

    In this week’s minisode, I’m answering a listener question. Telara asks, “When you have so many creative ideas, how do you decide on which one to lead with?” This is a common issue amongst creatives who have no shortage of new ideas. ON THIS EPISODE I SHARE: 5 questions to evaluate your idea against Why […]


  • 5 Reasons Why You Need the Visionary Journal

    In this episode, I’m sharing a bit of my journey creating the Visionary Journal and giving you 5 important reasons why you need it for 2018.

    This week’s minisode is all about my passion project the Visionary Journal. After, running a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, I’ve decided to run a pre-order campaign to offset the production costs of bringing the Galaxy Visionary Journal back. In this episode, I’m sharing a little of my journey as a planner creator and giving […]


  • The Dos and Don’ts of Creative Collaborations

    There’s an art to pitching collaborations and more often than not creatives are missing the mark. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing the dos and don’ts of creative collaborations.

    Today we’re talking all about creative collaborations. A common struggle amongst creative entrepreneurs is trying to gain visibility and grow their brands in an increasingly noisy online space. Once I started to partner up with other people I found it so much easier to grow my business and expand my influence. But there’s an art […]


  • 4 Strategies to Master Your Side Hustle

    Are you struggling to run your side hustle while holding down a 9 to 5? Here are 5 ways to master your side hustle

    In a recent listener survey, I asked “What’s one thing that you’re struggling with in your creative business”. Overwhelmingly the answers the revolved around struggles related to running a side hustle while holding down a 9 to 5. If you’ve been struggling to make progress with your side hustle because of time and organization issues […]


  • The Nuts And Bolts Of Manufacturing A Product

    Have you ever wondered how to develop an idea into a physical product? How to find a manufacturer for your idea? What are minimum order quantities? How to get funding for your idea? After successfully producing several versions of the Visionary Journal, I know a thing or two about working with a manufacturer to produce […]