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  • 3 Key Areas To Master To Achieve Your Goals Next Year

       What kind of success are you dreaming about for next year? Maybe you’d like to finally launch that business or tackle a goal that has been on your someday list for too long. We all want to experience more success, but have you considered what really needs to happen in order to achieve it? […]


  • Simple Ways To Plan A Productive Holiday Season

    Let’s face it, the holiday season can be rough. I start feeling a shift in my energy around October and by the time we make it to November I’m ready to tap out. I always push through those feelings and try to keep the same pace through December which leaves me exhausted and burnt out […]


  • My Creative Process: How I Created The Fear Guide

    My Creative Process: How I Created The Fear Guide

       For the last handful of months, you may have heard me mention my short book The Fear Guide. Today I want to give you a backstage pass into my creative process. I’m going to walk you through what goes on when I get an idea. If you’ve ever been curious about how I go […]


  • Finding Your Passion Through Tiny Actions

    LISTEN!    Today’s episode is inspired by a conversation that I had with my mom about how to find your passion. If I had a dollar for everytime this conversation came up I would be rich.  Contrary to what most people believe, you won’t find your passion by sitting around thinking about it. Finding your […]


  • What’s On The Other Side Of Your Fear?

    LISTEN!    House Keeping Notes Share the show with a friend– Many people don’t realize how difficult it is to grow a podcast show. It’s nothing like growing a blog because podcast stats aren’t great which makes hard to figure out where new listeners are coming from. You can help me grow the show by […]


  • How To Get Your Work Out To More People (Listener Q&A)

    LISTEN!    This week on Pimp Your Brilliance, Monique & Amber answer their very first listener question! Longtime Keep Chasing the Stars supporter and young adult author, Anastasia Bolinder asks: “How can she get her books out to more people?” Learning how to gain exposure and marketing your work is something that every small business […]