How long are you going to wait to take your idea seriously?

Since you've landed in my corner of the internet, I'm guessing that you are…

  • A women interested in starting or growing a creative business
  • A little fearful or even overwhelmed at the idea of creating your own product. You're not sure where to start.

If you found yourself nodding your head "yes" or thinking "Heck yeah! That's soooo me", you're in luck because you're exactly where you need to be. I'm the girl that you want all up in your creative business plans.

Hey there, I'm Monique!

I'm a serial entrepreneur, creative coach, and speaker. I'm also the creator of the Visionary Journal, a snazzy goal setting guide, vision board and day planner designed to help you get from idea to done.

I'm really into making big goals happen and bringing ideas to life! As a matter of fact, it's my legit super power.

So what does it mean to Pimp Your Brilliance...

Pimp Your Brilliance exists to teach you how to turn your ideas into income by creating and selling your own digital products. 

My mission is to help you stop dreaming about starting that creative business and to actually do it. I want to expand the limits of what you think is possible when it comes to making a living through your natural talents, ideas and creative work, because I believe if the Universe gave you the idea, then you're the perfect person to bring it to life.

Speaking of beliefs, here are a few other things that I believe…

  • That you should be Pimping Your Brilliance by leveraging your ideas, skills, and talents to make money.
  • That creating and selling your own products (especially digital products) is the fastest and most scalable way to monetize your content.
  • That you're here to do so much more than punch a clock for 30 years and you can make a living doing work that you love.
  • And one more time for the people in the back: If the Universe gave you an idea, then you're the person who needs to bring it to life.

Does this all sound good to you? Good! Let's not waste any more time, grab my Genius Zone guide below.

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