Month: August 2018

  • 5 Signs You’re Ready To Hire A Coach

    LISTEN!    There comes a time in every creatives’ journey when they need additional support and guidance. Is it time to hire a coach? In this episode, I share 5 signs that it might be time to hire a coach. This episode is sponsored by The Launch Pad. This 8-week group coaching program is only […]

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  • 3 Key Components Of Asking For What You Want With Cyndie Spiegel

    LISTEN!    Cyndie Spiegel is a Brooklyn-based small business consultant, coach, and TEDx speaker. She is also the founder of The Collective (of Us), a small business accelerator for women and The Community (of Us), an online hub for conversation and change-making community. She is on a mission to empower 100,000 women to build BOLD businesses […]

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