Month: May 2017

  • How To Go From Idea To Done In 7-Steps

    It can be both exciting and scary to have a new idea but many people get stuck before they get started. This is such a bummer because I know you have a fantastic idea that the world needs to experience. No need to worry. I’ve got your back. In this minisode, I walk you through […]

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  • Building A Quirky Brand with Jacque Amadi

    This week’s interview is with the founder of a brand that I just adore, Jacque Amadi of Adorned By Chi. Her brand is filled with so much personality. It’s quirky and a little off beat but her community loves it. We discussed how she has created a brand for ‘Misfits and Magical Girls’ all centered […]

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  • How To Get Things Done When You Work Full Time

    PRESS PLAY:      Let’s be real. You have goals and dreams that exist outside of your job. Between adult responsibilities and family commitments, how do you get stuff done when your peak productivity hours happen while you’re at work? You get strategic about the time you have available and the goals that you want […]

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